We know that children learn best by doing.  

Each day, they discover and gain new understandings and make connections through play and their experiences.   By being part of a preschool community, children begin to acquire social skills and learning-related skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and a successful future.

At Lil' Saints Preschool, we support and encourage our little ones by offering playful learning experiences that include an intentional focus on academic content areas such as language, literacy, math, and science and creative pursuits.  Their social-emotional skills will also grow in leaps and bounds from being a member of our preschool community.  

Preschoolers are eager to learn

and actively interested in the world around them. 


Our curriculum is based on our belief that children learn best through play.  With teacher-guided and individual choice experiences, preschoolers gain skills that will ultimately help them learn to read, write, build math and science skills, and become successful students.  But just as importantly, they will improve their social and emotional skills and reach new self-regulation goals by participating in our classroom community 

Beyond our Classroom

Making connections with the world becomes even more real by experiencing different people and places.  Throughout the school year, we have special visitors from our community who visit our classroom and share their talents and ---- with our little ones in fun and engaging ways.  We also explore our world through family field trips that enhance our weekly themes and classroom learning.  

Weekly Themes

Each week is a new adventure and a new opportunity to learn and explore.  Students may pretend to be firefighters or build skyscrapers with blocks during Community Helpers Week.  They may dig for fossils in the sand as miniature paleontologists during Dinosaur Week. Or they may visit the farmers market to purchase fruits and vegetables from their classmates during Farm Week.  The possibilities are limitless!


We believe that a strong partnership between parents and teachers makes all the difference in a child's education.  Communication is the key to that relationship.  We encourage our parents to ask questions, share observations and express concerns.  We, in turn, will be diligent in doing the same through newsletters, conferences and one-on-one conversations and sharing children's everyday accomplishments.

Classroom Environment

Our classroom supports our beliefs by providing an engaging learning environment.  The room is organized into a variety of areas that are meant to support creativity, cognitive, and critical thinking skills.  These areas of interest include literacy, dramatic play, art, discovery (science), blocks and manipulatives, a writing center,  and gross motor opportunities.

Outdoor Play

We believe that the great outdoors is an extension of our classroom.  We are blessed to have a beautiful playground  that offers plenty of room to run, play and exert all the energy that little bodies build up during the day.  


9:00 - Arrival and Exploration
9:00 - Arrival and Exploration
9:15 - First Group Time
9:35 - Individual Choice Time
10:35 - Second Group Time
11:05 - Snack Time
Snack Time
11:30 - Outside Play Time
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1200 North Ann Arbor Street

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We are located in Saline First United Methodist Church


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